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DTSPB at the 2017 World Pipe Band Championships

For the Pipe Band community, there is no bigger occasion than the World Pipe Band Championships. Held annually in Glasgow, Scotland,”The Worlds” attracts bands from all corners of the globe.

We are excited that we will once again participate in the elite Grade One arena, with all bands navigating through a qualifying heat on Friday 11th of August to compete in the final a day later, on Saturday.

This will be the second time the band has travelled to Scotland this year, with us also competing at the British Pipe Band Championships, held in Paisley, near Glasgow.

The band managed to secure 8th spot in that contest, and has been working hard building on that performance, ready for The Worlds.

Band members have already started arriving in Glasgow, with a full week of preparations, practice, public performances and also to participate in the now highly anticipated “International Quartet Championships” as part of the Piping Live festival.

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The Worlds, truly is a contest like no other. It’s the one time in the year where bands from all over the globe compete directly against each other. Dowco Triumph Street have been drawn in Heat One, alongside the following bands;

We have been drawn to play in the MSR Qualifier at 12.20pm and then the Medley Qualifier at 15.20.

We’d like to wish all the bands the very best of luck and safe travels to those travelling from afar to compete. We look forward again to seeing you all “on the green”.