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Gary has been playing from the age of eleven, he was taught by his father Joe Corkin and in later years by Frank Gibson & the late Bobby Rea, Gary was a huge fan of Bobby and played under Bobby in the Grade 1 R.U.C Drum Corps from 1982 -1984.

Gary was appointed Drum Sergeant with the R.U.C in November 1988. When Gary took over the corps there was only two snare drummers remaining himself and Derek Smyth along with the bass section. A new corps was quickly established and under the direction of Gary the Grade 1 R.U.C. Drum corps achieved the following Major Championship Titles!

Drum Corps results:

All Ireland Champions          1989,1993 & 1995.

Ulster Champions               1989,1993,1994.1995,1996,1997,1998 & 2000.

European Champions          1995.

British Champions              1996,1997, & 2000.

Scottish Champions           1990,1993 & 1994.

Cowal Champions              1st place: 1993,1998 & 2000. 2nd place: 1992 & 2001.

World Champions              1st 2000 over all.

                                     1st 2000 medley.

                                     1st 1993 MSR, 2nd overall.

                                     2nd 1994 overall.

Although only Major Championship Contests have been listed there are also many more local contests that the drum corps won.

In October 2003 Gary was appointed Leading Drummer of Grade 1 band “The Glasgow Pipes & Drums” He played under the leadership of Pipe Major Don Bradford. In 2007 Gary was asked to take over Grade 1 Bleary & District Drum Corps by Pipe Major Nigel Davison.

Gary is currently teaching in The Sultanate of Oman as Head of Highland Drumming with the Royal Cavalry of Oman Pipe Band, however after discussions with Pipe Major David Hilder, Gary agreed to become Drum Sergeant with Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band, He is returning to the UK and he is looking forward to the challenge ahead and working with David.

Gary Corkin

Drum Sergeant