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Alex hails from Newington, Connecticut in the Northeastern United States.  He initially learned drumming from his Scottish-born father, Jeff Robertson, playing in local area bands on the Connecticut shoreline.  As a teenager, Alex played with the University of Bedfordshire Pipe Band while at school in London, and upon returning to the States became leading drummer of the Rhode Island Highlanders Pipe Band and then progressed to the Tulach Ard Pipe Band under Leading Drummer Scott Armit.  Alex then ventured to Canada to play under Doug Stronach in the Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band for 5 years, sharing many hours in the car on the drive to Ontario with his good friend Tom Foote.  After a hiatus and brief stint with the New York Metro Pipe Band, Alex joined the local Manchester Pipe Band, contributing to the band's teaching programs and competitive success.

Outwith the band, Alex is the director of advertising at a publishing house and actively plays club soccer.  Alex and his wife Sarah recently welcomed their first child, their daughter Isla, to the family.  

Alex Robertson